Thursday, May 26, 2016


When I run, I see water. I don't know why I do. I just see water. Ahead of me, coming toward me relentlessly. Filling the space before me. Very predictably, every time I run, I see it. (Maybe because I wish I would turn into Jesus Christ and walk on top of it.. skip this mess all together). Or maybe it's my brain trying to make me think of anything OTHER than the hills, the pavement, the rocks, the treadmill.. Whatever the reason, there that dang water is. 

Less predictably, is how it chooses to come at me. Often it is rushing toward me. An angry, strong current... here it comes. The front of the current is white, rolling and pushing with a steady stream of clear water, flooding my path. An easy current sometimes, but still rushing forth, against me. Other times, it's flowing with me. Like I am a part of that water. Easy. Floating. Streaming. Lying there as it takes me forward with it. This is when running is easy. Like my feet aren't even hitting the hard ground. And my breathing is nice. In and out. In and out. I could run forever. I feel strong on these days. Ten feet tall and bulletproof. It doesn't happen like that often, but sometimes. 

Perhaps even more odd, the days when I struggle against the strongest of currents, when I'm not sure I can push through it, my times of the run are the best. By a considerable amount. Maybe because when I see it coming, I armor myself. I am ready. I don't like it. But nonetheless, I push harder Determined to make it. Inside my head I cuss. I cry. I cry out to anyone who can help me get through it. As you can imagine, I dread that water I'm going to see when I lace up my shoes. I hate it. I've come to realize however, that that water is just an obstacle. It's some obstacle that someone or something is telling me that I cannot beat. But I go on and beat it anyway. Because I KNOW that I can. 

Guys. We are all facing a current. It can sweep you off your feet, it can fight you and you can fight back, or it can carry you along with very little effort from you. We all need those days too. But guess what? We will end up in the same place. The finish line. It's just harder on some days to get there. In phases of life. But it's obtainable. You can do it. Scream out for help. Whatever it is you have to do, keep going. you'll be on the other side. You'll beat whatever/whomever is placing obstacles in front of you. And on those days when you see water rushing at you with a force so strong it seems you'll never make it... you will beat it. On those days, the triumphs will seem greater. Because you worked harder. Because you were stronger. And you had FAITH. And grit. And you will feel amazing. Because you are amazing. 

Speaking of amazing. And water, and cleansing, and Jesus Christ... :) (This is my segue into the important part of this post people)... ;)  

Our beautiful, strong, Jesus loving, middle daughter was baptized not too long ago. A decision she made herself to be washed in the water. Her daddy baptized her and it was easily one of the most emotional moments of my life. I love him. I love her. We are so proud. And there was that water again. A symbol when she came up out of there that she is a believer and that the Lord has her total trust. She's armoring herself. She's ready. And I know, inevitably, our sweet Gracie Cate will face many strong currents. In her precious little life there will be things thrown at her that will seem like a flood. But I also know this. With her faith and guidance from above, that water won't intimidate her. She's got God on her side. It's a beautiful thing. Her baptism is a beautiful thing. I have pictures for you, of course. I hope you like them. 

Until next time... keep pushing through those currents. I believe in you. MUAH!!!!

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